Friday, March 28, 2008

The Fusion of Two Worlds

I have come to realize that it is rather silly for me to try and divide my time up between two blogs. I hardly can keep one going half of the time. So, from here on out, this blog is going to become my SUPERBLOG! I'll be combining it with my other pet, my thought is to try and get out something soccer related at least once a week. Mainly, it will continue to be my random little corner where I can stuff my thoughts but still allow others to read them (although I am well aware of how few people on this wide earth actually get on here and read things). I will leave the link to the other blog for people to go check out, if they ever want to, but from now on, Papa's Bloggito will become Papa's World. Be warned.

Also, Adam sent me this link for an incredibly textual Star Wars experience. Check it out.

To close, I followed (and will continue to follow) the UNLV Rebels' mens' soccer team. There will be updates throughout their season on how well they are/aren't doing, as well as a stat bar on the side (eventually) of individual performances. I try to make it to as many games as I can, but that doesn't end up being many. I have also thought about trying my hand at sports photography (taking pictures of the games I go to this season and posting them on here). We'll see how that goes (I couldn't count the number of projects I've half-begun only to lose interest in a short time later).

Thus, some news on the Rebels: back on Feb. 20th, our Rebels beat German Youth Pro Team Borussia Monchengladbach (Yikes. They sound like an execution squad or something) 4-2.

Junior Lamar Neagle netted two, including the game-winning-goal.
Freshman Richard Abrego (from LV; he went to Silverado) got a goal and assisted on Neagle's 1st goal.
Junior Ben Haugland also scored a goal and assisted on Abrego's goal.
Junior John Crawley (from Glasgow, Scotland... yes!) assisted on Neagle's 2nd goal.

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