Thursday, February 28, 2008

Global Warming?

My uncle linked this article to me, and I'm not going to use it as an, "I told you so," resource of backing up my hesitation to believe in global warming. Yet, I am hesitant. I admit that I am not incredibly learned on the subject (I have decided to watch Al Gore's docu-film on it and see that sides' argument), but for everything I hear about global-warming, it seems like there is the flip-side pointing out where the argument for it is premature. So, in the end, I end up feeling like there are other issues that re far more important to me that need dealing with now, and if global warming becomes a reality (the kind based off of complete analysis and not speculative posturing), then what we may have on our hands is a problem too big to do anything about anyway. I mean honestly, if fuel emissions is actually causing it, do we really think that lowering the emissions is going to stop it? The only cure would be to STOP fuel emissions and go back to immobile farming communities that rely on horse-drawn buggies and candles. Good luck getting any nation to agree to that (even the ones who currently find themselves in that state).

Anyway here is a list of news stories that talk about Mother Nature refusing to play the game right (misleading us with her threats of burning us up, only to turn around and freeze us out).

China in worst winter in two decades
Cold weather kills tons of fish
More than 900 Afghans dead from cold winter
Omaha residents shivering
Tajikiistan faces coldest winter in 50 years

This last one is a comparison of Gore's and Bush's mansions/ranches. It's not necessarily relevant to the topic of the cold winter that has hit the world, but it does say something about the man who makes a documentary about global warming, but doesn't follow his own advice.
House of Gore, Bush

All of these links (on the bottom) were found and compiled by my cousin, Mark. Thanks, Mark.

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