Friday, January 25, 2008

My World

I'm very excited right now. I was remembering the days when a few of us started wearing "Fertility Stones" that we'd buy from the $.25 bins at Wal-Mart. It sparked some ideas for a story. At this point, there is no story, but I am brainstorming the creation of a world from that simple and quite silly idea. I guess the part that I like the most about it is that one of my weird little jokes could turn into something that I now feel has merit as a world/setting for me to play in.
I won't really say anything more about it at the moment (I have discovered that my excitement for the process of creation always sticks around longer when I don't share details with anyone else. I have no idea why that is, but once I start talking about it with others, the excitement and "need" to work on it diminish).
If I can ever find anyone to try Dungeons and Dragons with me, I think I just may use it as the setting. Although, I admit that no one seems too keen on the idea of playing Dungeons and Dragons (I know it's nerdy, but come one people! Who doesn't like being taken to a dream world of magic? Finding enough for a whole group of 5-6 is turning out to be pretty tough).


ambermarie said...

Ah. Fertility Stones! good times. (lol) actually i have no clue what "fertility stones" are but i'm sure it's a hilarious story! Hi Papa! How's married life? I come around every once in a while to check out your blog & i thought i'd say hello this time. Anyway. I hope all is well with you & your wifey. I've seen pics of the two of you on myspace & you two look so in love & happy! I'm so happy for you! Feel free to stop by my blog anytime. It's brand spankin' new & kind of naked at the moment....but all in due time. Take care! amber.

Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

Hey Papa! How's married life? Well, I have no clue what fertility stones are...but I'm betting its a funny story. Or maybe you and sierra are thinking about having kids...I don't know.
Anyways I just wanted to say hi. Tell your wifey hello as well.