Friday, November 09, 2007

The Halt Begins

Yesterday, Matt told me about Steve Carrell calling in sick for work (in support of the writer's guild strike). I found this news release corroborating with that statement and also giving Greg Daniels' view of it.

As the article says, new episodes of The Office will cease airing either next week or the week after. Very sad, but a necessary evil (in my perspective).

I also wanted to post a link to another news release. This has two videos that help explain the WGA's side of the strike. The first is a very standard, yet incredibly clear, explanation of what the WGA is asking for and why. Watch it first, for sure. The second is of writers and crew from The Office walking the picket lines. it is rather enjoyable. Check 'em out.

Finally. This is a fantastic site called United Hollywood. I loved the little joke about Ethan from Lost, and the religious zealot who tosses his lot in with the strikers with his clever "Moses was a writer!" chant.

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