Tuesday, November 06, 2007

G.I. Joe: The Movie

I first heard rumors of a G.I. Joe movie back while I was on my mission in the Dominican Republic. At that time, I heard rumors of all sorts of actors/actresses being attached to it. Then, I heard that the whole project was being scrapped (for the time being). It looks as though they are taking another stab at it. All we have reported now is a studio, a director, a writer, and a tentative release year for 2009. At least it's another start. Good news for us fans, though.

I'd like to take this moment (while I am reflecting on my favorite childhood cartoons/toys) to say how great I think it is that they are taking the stab at doing something with these on the big screen. Transformers was done tremendously well (despite a ton of negativity aimed at director Michael Bay from random people I came across). The X-Men movies, and the new Batman movie were all fantastic, also. Keep up the good work Hollywood.

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