Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Wow. What a crazy past couple of weeks these have been. I won't try and fit it all into one post, so I'll just focus on one topic today: change in the music industry.
At Amplify, the manager for The Bravery was talking about a lunch meeting he had with The Smashing Pumpkins, and how they are thinking or recording material only to be released as singles. Instead of the old fashioned album, which we all have grown so accustomed to (and fallen in love with, for some of us), they would release a "single" with 1-3 songs on it. I can't say that I really understand the idea behind it. One thought is that less promotion would be needed? My guess is that the idea is to lower the costs of production and printing. Once again, I don't see how this will really help recover costs for the artists or the label, but... it's worth a try, no?
What I am excited for: Thrice's approach to changing the way albums are made. Thrice will be releasing a 4 disc album over about 6 months. The first two discs will be released together in October, and the other two around April (I believe).

Here is what I feel it will come down to:
An experience. The internet is making it incredibly easy for the masses to access songs and full albums for free. While this makes it increasingly harder for labels to rake in the cash of yesteryear, I don't see it as the "end" of the industry. The industry will go through changes. Those who have the creativity and foresight will rise to the occasion and provide a product that continues to entice consumers to pay for an album that they can hold, and smell, and appreciate on an artistic level.

I think we are going to see some real innovation in the immediate future and that excites me to be honest with you.

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