Monday, April 17, 2006

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 21: Gerald Ford It... That's What I Always Say...

Have you ever been physically alone in a room, but you know that you're not alone? Or like, you're out in nature and there is no one around for hundreds of miles, and yet you feel someone's presence and you know that there is something more there? It's probably a little parasitic fetus that got stuck inside of you while you were still in the womb. Fetus in Fetu is what they call it. Crazy stuff. Think of it as one twin getting "sucked up" or enveloped into the other while still in the early stages of development. The outer fetus becomes dominant and continues to grow in a generally normal manner. The inner fetus, however, stops developing normally and mooches off of the first. The child will be born and grow and no one will know until the inner fetus (or "fetus in fetu" as it is more scientifically or perhaps medically known) grows big enough that it starts to show.

Fetus in Fetu

Hey Gary. Hey John.
What you gonna do today?
I was thinking of going to the park to play.
Do you want to come, too? We can take the sleigh.
I don't know, you ate something bad yesterday...
Probably the tuna salad,
NO! It was the Shar pei...
Wait... I didn't want that, I was happily on my way
when YOU saw that doggy and yelling did say,
and I like your slave, did humbly obey...
I'm sorry, you know how I get at that time of the day.
It's not easy to be a belly dweller. Parlay.
I understand, just don't blame me for you ways.
Fair enough. So where does that leave us? To the park?
Yes, to play.

This was a real conversation that took place between Gary and me last Wednesday evening. Afterwards, I thought, "Wow, Gary has a LOT of potential as a poet. It's too bad that he has only 2% of the required cells needed to survive on his own!" Hahahahaha! Oh man... heh heh heh... (Gary hates it when I say that...)