Monday, March 20, 2006

Papa's Poem Corner Connection: You've Broken Our Hearts, Dear George...

This poem was written for a different website (one VERY secret and inaccessible to the naked eye or The Ken and Gladys Dyal Infiltration). It came in response to something my oldest sister wrote. She grew up in a different era than many from my generation did. In her day, there was a man that was more sex symbol than mortal and whose voice brought kings and rulers to their knees. That man was George Michael.
Old Georgie-Pants had some secrets, though. The dark side of George broke my sister's heart and for that... this poem was begotten.

Ode to George--from the perspective of the bleeding cup whose heart is Jen's

Man of supposed destiny in many a woman's dreams,
Un-closet-ed truth: he's not what he seems.
Fair maidens left reeling: ever only just friends.
No chance for love-future; he only likes mens.

The cries of a thousand straight men hit our ears,
"We've been telling you this; for years now, FOR YEARS!"
But a woman's judgment at times may be blind,
when before her stands and sings a man oh so fine.

For years you have split asunder foul noise,
with your soothing beautiful broke-back voice.
Yet, I bid thee farewell dear George--I move on.
In my heart no longer will I carry your song.


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