Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Terminator 4

Sadly, I still haven't ever seen the first Terminator. I loved the second and third, so I'll get on that. However, today I stumbled across some news that I found rather interesting: they are making THREE new Terminator movies and John Connor will be played by Christian Bale. How is that for awesome? His role won't be very big in the first (they are introducing a new character), but sounds like his role will be bigger in the following two films. They will be set after the nuclear holocaust and show the war of the machines and the little Utopian society that John starts, etc. Fantastic idea, boys. article on T4
(I will warn you that there are spoilers involved in this article, but they are not too heavy. In fact, I imagine that every little bit of info revealed will be put into whatever trailer they release, so frankly I didn't even really consider them spoilers.)

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