Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 19: A Treat For Your Feet!

Hey y'all! It sure has been a while. Here's a little poem I made up about five seconds ago for my dear friend AmberLEE. I like it, and it really rings true.

A Gift for AmberLEE

Don't be scared dear AmberLEE,
Far too long now you've known me.
You of all should know I'm not stingy.
I don't hold back; I give freely.
I make no excpetions on land or sea,
Black/white: I share with everybody.
A special gift not grown on trees,
a gift I've had since puberty:
STD's!!!!!!!! Come get three!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For reals though. Contact me. I'll hook you up.

1 comment:

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