Friday, March 25, 2005

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 16: Let Loose the Beeves

Friends and mortal enemies, it has been far too long since last we met. I took an extended leave of absense from the corner to get caught up with school, and to get me a woman. For those reasons, my thoughts have been rather consumed with other things than poetry. I regret nothing, but I do apologize if any of you felt neglected.
This week's poem is for Lisa. Thanks for being so wonderful Lisa, and so worthy of a poem.

Lisa Mayor of Hobbiton

Make way, she's here!
She prances lightly, like a deer.
She brings gifts and goodies for all good girls and boys,
And lots of rum for daddy while the kids play with their toys.
Grand and majestic; she sits upon her throne,
4 feet high when she's full grown.
Riding gallantly in a chariot pulled by beeves,
Cutting hair with magic scissors that she pulls from her sleeves.

Oh Lisa Mayor of Hobbiton!
Upon us rest thy beautiful glow!
Our lives are made such splendid fun,
When you dance your Jiggalo.

It's not very long, but then neither are you Lisa. It only seemed fitting. Thanks everybody for stopping by Papa's Poem Corner. Don't forget that you can leave comments by clicking on the links. I love you all. Bring the beeves.

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