Friday, February 04, 2005

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 13: The Reunion

Well hello there my fine-feathered friends! Yes indeed the day has come when old alliances are forged anew, and Papa's Poem Corner comes at you with a fierceness not seen since the Alamo. To all the new members of this little club, I give you the Official and Heart-felt Welcome you deserve. I should also explain what the crap this is, since you probably have no idea.
Nigh unto a year ago I began spewing forth the savory lyrics in my head in a weekly poem editorial. After 12 wonderful weeks (or three months to all the week-haters out there), it came to a sudden and sad end. Here we are again though, on the brink of the end of all things as we know it, and I for one won't go down like some punk. So here comes Round 2 of Papa's Poem Corner. This week's poem mostly has to do with the joyous fact that two of my best friends in the marketplace are coming home today and tomorrow. Some may recall that the first Papa's Poem Corner ever was an Ode to My Wifey, so it only seemed fitting that the first poem of Round 2 should reflect that.
Cody and Matt... this one's for you...

I Love My Missionary

When last we met,
How could I forget?
It has played through my heart like some distant song...
Three years now I'm waiting,
the darkness abating
For tonight you'll return to your John.
Plans of old we'll fulfill.
We'll spoon til we squeal!
Like merry hobbit-folk, we'll sing and we'll dance.
Climb to Mt. Sunrise,
Then to the Strip with our surprise!
and with yellow bottles stroll hand in hand.
My keychain still carries the banner,
The "I Love My Missionary" standard.
and Skeeroy still kept warm and at ease.
Three men among men,
brought together again!
Gemini and Queezy will be pleased.
The Spring of my lifey,
with Cody and my Wifey!
At last my true joy has been found!
Here and now reunited,
hip hop flames now ignited!
For the return of Pickel and MC Phetus Brown!

Any who may be wishing to catch up on old episodes of Papa's Poem Corner, just let me know by next week, and I will send those out. Thank you. Cody and Matt... welcome home brothers. Welcome home.

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