Sunday, August 30, 2015

Let's Learn Garageband 10! Episode 1: The Ice Cave

I adore soundtracks. Whether it be from film or video game, 8-bit NES music or fully orchestrated soundscapes, I absolutely love the use of music in storytelling. Over the past 5 years I estimate I've spent about the same amount of time listening to soundtracks as I have to rock music (my preferred genre).

During law school I discovered that many amateur and professional musician/composers upload "music videos" to youtube. These videos allow the composers to share original music with relevant, evocative imagery. I have long been desired to participate in such soundtrackery and wish to now join its ranks.

This weekend I sat down for an hour to learn how to use Garageband and iMovie to create such a video. I spent about twenty minutes learning this use of the software, and then around a forty minutes hunting down photos on Google, sequencing them in iMovie, composing a quick ditty in Garageband, and then timing that song to the photo montage in iMovie. I admit that my intention was not to offer my best effort at songwriting, but was focused on the process, so initially I did not intend to share the song/video.

However, despite the song's simplicity and minimal orchestration, I ended up feeling more proud of my effort than I anticipated, so I uploaded it to youtube and now share it here for any who are interested (I'm also more than a little curious to see whether anyone is still following my blog; I may have been a bit of a digital super-hermit the past few years).

The idea behind the song is briefly explained in the youtube video itself. So without further ado, I proudly present my first ever video upload on youtube: The Ice Cave (an original sonic story by John Cory). Enjoy.