Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Break

I can't believe how quickly this thing died when I started law school. I would make promises to do better next semester, but, with our baby being due and a new church calling, I am going to be a busier boy next semester than I was this last one. Maybe I can talk Sierra into either contributing on here or starting a new family blog so we can keep everyone updated on what is happening... We'll see. No promises. I am not the boss of her.

Anyway, this Winter Break has been awesome so far. Right before finals we bought a couch, nice big TV, and I got a Playstation 3. Then my sister Ali came into town and helped Sierra do the whole design show thing with our family room and kitchen/dining room. The place looks amazing and I love being downstairs now (we used to hang out more up in the loft, because the TV was up there).

Since school ended, I have been doing oddjobs around the house, finishing painting from when we moved in (doing touch ups and what not), and getting the house ready for a baby. It has kept me pretty busy, but I am glad for that. The couple of days when I have vegged out were nice at first but that grew old. This break is too short to not get this stuff done.

Alright. I had better run some errands. I will get back on here tomorrow or Wednesday to update you on some recent enjoyments and frivolous goals I have set for myself to accomplish during the break.