Friday, March 11, 2016

Fiction Friday!

I just finished my third draft of the short story I mentioned before. I had been calling it "The Straitjacket," but I no longer feel that title is indicative of the story. So, I changed it to "The Pinevale Ghost." I'm not sure I'm sold on that title either.

Anyway, I have the story down to 22 pages, double spaced. It is definitely much stronger now than it was in the first and second drafts. I think I see a way to re-organize and merge a couple scenes to cut the story down even more, but I will wait to make that adjustment until after...

I get back feedback from my alpha readers! This morning I sent the story out to 11 alpha readers (based on them having expressed interest in reading this story, me valuing their creative insights, or them being present when I first saw the Pinevale Ghost). I'm also going to submit the first 9 pages of the story to my writing group this Sunday.

So, once I get some feedback on the story, I will consider the direction for my next revision. I plan to submit it for publication somewhere. I'll have to do some research to find out who is publishing ghost stories these days.

Speaking of fun new things, I joined my first writing group. It's an online group, so I am not sure how that will go. We'll submit no more than 10 pages each week, and then critique each other's writing. I'm very excited for the continual source of feedback for my own writing, and the sense of accountability and deadline for my production.

I'll keep you updated on my story as it progresses, but for now, I begin writing my next short story. I'll actually be completing a short story that I started writing within the past year. I got busy at work and set it aside, so I'd like to go back and finish it now. That story is about a character I created for Dungeons and Dragons a long time ago. It is not one that I will seek to publish, but is just for fun to experiment with writing fighting scenes.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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