Friday, March 25, 2016

Fiction Friday: March 25, 2016

Time for an update on my writing projects.

1. The Pinevale Ghost (short story/ghost story): Third Draft Complete - Workshop Phase. I sent this to my alpha readers (let me know if you are interested in being an alpha reader for me, it basically means that I send you the story and you provide feedback of what works and what doesn't). I am also submitting it in chunks to my writing group. I've already gotten some great feedback on it. I've already brainstormed some ideas for fixing some of the issues, and I look forward to doing a revision, maybe in April, but definitely by the time May comes around.

2. Leaf in the Wind (short story/fantasy) - First Draft Phase. This one is my first foray into the fantasy setting. It is a fairly simple tale, or at least started that way. This morning I had an idea that would drastically alter the organization of the story, but I will hold off on implementing that idea until I am done with the first draft I already had planned out. The new idea may work better, but I'd like to see the original plan laid out before I do so drastic an overhaul. I'm probably 75% done with this first draft. After I finish the first draft, I'll let it sit for a little while before I try a rewrite on it.

3. Her Biggest Fan (short story/not sure what genre) - Second Draft Complete. I wrote this short story a few years back. The idea seemed very original to me, but since then I've grown to think the ending is a bit cliche. I tried a revision immediately after I'd written it and decided to shelve it for a time. After I finish my first draft of Leaf in the Wind, I will revisit Her Biggest Fan and whether some distance brings a fresh perspective. If so, I will rewrite it and workshop it. If not, I'll still workshop it for feedback on what my writing group and alpha readers think isn't working.

4. The Dome (novel/sci-fi) - First Draft Phase. I began writing this novel during NaNoWriMo 2015. Work pressures got to me and I failed to complete it. After my revision to The Pinevale Ghost, I will rectify that failure and complete my first draft of my second novel. The first draft is approximately 30% complete.

5. The Wishing Well (novel/sci-fi) - First Draft Complete. This is the first book I ever wrote. It was supposed to be the novelization of a sci-fi, progressive rock album I wrote. Instead, it became a prequel story for that album. It is a mess, but I think I am better prepared to do a revision on it now. Though, when I say "revision," I am leaning more toward complete overhaul (i.e. blow the sucker to smithereens and start from scratch). Also, somewhere along the way I got the thought into my head that I'd like to finish writing the second and third albums before I take another pass at the novelization. Part of the reason for this is that telling the story through song is VERY different than telling the story through a novel. They are different mediums, and I need to feel the freedom to explore each as its own thing. I don't want the constraints of story telling to limit or dictate the songwriting in any way. I'm purposely avoiding making a decision on this, so we'll see how I feel after I've finished The Dome.

Anyway, there you have it. Those are my current projects and plans for writing fiction. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

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