Friday, March 25, 2016

40 Days of Writing!

Ladies and gentleman, I give you... John Cory the Consistent.

Today marks 40 days since I went to the writing conference (LTUE). I have written every single day (except for Sundays for religious reasons) without fail since then. From what I have been told repeatedly throughout my life, 40 days a habit makes. I have thoroughly enjoyed my writing habit and plan to keep this thing going.

Up until now my only goal has been to write every single day without fail. So, my plan now is to kick things up a bit. I'm going to set a reasonable but challenging goal for my daily writing requirement. I debated between a time requirement or a word count. Ultimately, I decided on a word count, because: (a) it is so easily measurable and (b) it ensures productivity as opposed to the use of time. I think for the next 40 days, I will set a daily word count goal of 1,000 words. There is, of course, no punishment for going above and beyond that goal.

I love rewards (who doesn't?), and a couple weeks ago I decided that if I wrote every day for 40 days (just assume that I have a standing caveat of except Sundays, so I don't feel obligated to add that part in every time), I would reward myself buy purchasing an appropriate web domain for my authoring. I have done so. I will share that information with you once I have the website up and running (which may be a little while, for reasons I'll explain below).

As an way to stay motivated, I will create appropriate "rewards" for meeting my goals. This will include materials to better learn and study the craft (books and workshops on writing), brand development (hiring a web design person), and networking (writing conferences). Anyway, it may be a little while before I get my website up and running, which is fine by me, because for right now my focus is on writing.

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