Saturday, October 31, 2015

Let's Learn Garageband 10! Episode 9: Happy Halloween 2015

For this song, I wanted to try re-creating an acoustic guitar strum with a virtual instrument on my midi keyboard. I think it turned out pretty well. I also wanted to find a way to incorporate drums into my Halloween song without it feeling like rock music. Let me know whether you think that turned out well/poorly. The only thing on this song that is not a software instrument is the evil laugh, which I had a lot of fun recording.

I also allowed myself to mess around with editing a bit on this song. I didn't repeat takes over and over, searching for the perfect one. Instead, I took a few takes and then comped together a workable track out of the different body parts and limbs of the various tracks. I guess this song is sort of an ode to Frankenstein. Too bad I didn't realize that until I'd already posted it to youtube with the pictures. Ah well.

I hope you enjoy. Happy Halloween, everyone.

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