Monday, October 05, 2015

Let's Learn Garageband 10! Episode 6: The Tea Garden

My major focus for this song was to better understand the quantization feature in Garageband. It's a handy little thing, where, after you record an instrument track, you click a few buttons and BANG: all of your timing errors are corrected for you by the magic of the machine. It basically goes through the whole track, finding any moments where your timing was off (be it early or late), and then it snaps those poorly timed notes to the closest designated unit of music time (be it whole notes, quarter notes, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, or even 1/64). So, I wanted to create a song that had a number of different instrument tracks with different note values. After I played the parts on my little keyboard, I entered quantization mode, and the computer fixed my errors.

It's a pretty amazing technology, but I have been scared off from it in the past (mainly out of fear that my songs would start sounding too robotic and lose the human imperfections that made them actually mine). However, my view on quantization definitely changed after working with it this week. It won't solve all of the problems, it just saves time fixing most of the ones that are slightly off. Then you can spend your time more productively on the real problem notes that just aren't working.

So, with that explanation, enjoy this week's nugget: The Tea Garden.

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