Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Mellowtones (i.e. Deftones' Softer Side)

I had an idea recently to make a playlist of the Deftones' softer, mellower songs. This exercise accomplishes nothing more than tickling my fancy, but I figured I'd share with anyone else who is interested.

As a little background, Deftones have been classified under many genres over their 30+ years' existence. According to, they are currently classified as alternative metal (which sort of makes sense to me, but honestly I have no idea where to stick these guys). I first learned oft hem after their second album Around the Fur. Back then they were just lumped into the nu-metal scene with bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit (for those unfamiliar, nu-metal was basically the genre of artists that combined elements of hip hop into their metal music. Often times just having a DJ was enough to get a band in that genre). While most of the other nu-metal bands went on to accomplish great things (sarcasm), Deftones evolved, changed gears, shifted back toward their roots, shifted gears again, and ended up enduring. I've written about these guys before, but I'll toss this out there again, Deftones are sort of the line of hard/dark music for me. They straddle that line of a band with churning metal guitars and screaming vocals without truly going over into a place I no longer like.

Anyway, enjoy the softer side of Deftones.

p.s. It turns out that I don't know how to embed the playlist on here, yet. I think I may need to do it from the app and not the web player (I'm missing the embed code option when I right-click on the playlist, and my internet searchings make me believe that is how to do it). I will look into that. I'm going to post the link instead for now and maybe I'll remember at some later date to come back and embed.

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