Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Let's Learn Garageband 10! Episode 5: Cody's New Workout Song

While at the beach house, I learned that Cody is in a bulking up phase. I learned all about the importance of protein and some kind of amino acid or something that helps with that. I also got to see him workout.

I figured the least I could do was create the perfect workout song for him.

This song let me try my hand at what I categorize as house/dance music. I admit to being rather ignorant of the difference between dance, house, EDM, techno, etc. So, for any of you nightclub junkies, I apologize for my pathetic attempt to create a song in a genre I don't understand. Regardless, I adventured there. Enjoy (and just try to not wiggle your muscles about to this sick beat).

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