Monday, September 14, 2015

Let's Learn Garageband 10! Episode 3: A Leaf in the Wind

So far my emphasis on all of these tracks has been simply on the process of learning the most basic functions of Garageband and iMovie to post videos on youtube. At some point I will shift my focus to learning the more technical aspects of editing, mixing, mastering, etc. However, for now I will just be exploring the big picture abilities of Garageband to see what all I can do. Each week I'll pick some random thing that I want to try out and discuss it.

For this week, I got my 2nd Generation M-Audio Axiom 25 all set up with Garageband (finally... it took me forever to trouble shoot a problem between ProTools 8 and Mavericks OS that completely disabled my midi controller/keyboard in Garageband). So for this song I wanted to practice using that keyboard. I also wanted to go for a more orchestral sound instead of a highly digitized sound palette. This song uses three tracks: piano, strings, and flute. I played all three on my Axiom 25. I'm a huge fan of that little piano thing. It has semi-weighted keys, which feel really nice while playing them. They also allow for different sounds based on how strongly I play the keys. Just like on a real piano, if I strike the key harder the sound will come out harsher and louder. The synthesizers in Garageband allow for some interesting sounds when I use it. I'll play around with that some more and give some samples along the way.

Pretty simple concept for this one: I wanted to capture the soundtrack of a leaf in the wind. Hopefully I succeeded.

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Stefu said...

Great piano sound! And composition of course.