Monday, September 07, 2015

Let's Learn Garageband 10! Episode 2: The Apprentice

A little while back I had this idea to try and learn Garageband by writing three songs and spending a lot of time delving into the program. The songs would chronicle my journey from apprentice to master, and my goal was for those songs to be good enough to actually someday sell as an EP. Since that time I have become aware that learning the craft of recording, editing, mixing, and mastering will take much longer than three songs (so I gave up that little project right quick). However, I did bother to record the first of those three song ideas and I kind of like the dark atmosphere of the guitar combined with the upbeat drums. For the picture, I just searched "The Apprentice" through Google's "labelled for reuse" search feature and found one I liked (a decent amount of wading through Donald Trump's jowly scowl took place before I found one that will work). I assume that the young lady in the picture is learning to wield her light energy conductor baton as she trains to become the world's greatest orchestra conductor.

This song was less about a specific story idea or mood, and much more geared toward an atmosphere of excitement and uncertainty (a mixture of feelings I usually associate with .

For this song I wanted to incorporate drums and guitar. The drums are from the drummer called SoCal, which comes with the pre-made full beat. The initial drum part I did the old-fashioned way (like I used to have to with Fruity Loops during my Fabulous Flowell days), where I just had to create beats one drum piece at a time. As fun as that process could be, I was always intimidated by it. I am really excited to experiment more with Garageband's Drummer set up.

The guitar is from my actual electric guitar, plugged directly into Garageband's amp modeler. I'm very impressed with the amp capabilities of Garageband. There are a butt-ton of sounds (scientific jargon) you can get through it. The bass is just the fingerstyle bass, which I recorded on the virtual keys of Garageband. Someday I will purchase an actual bass guitar and have some fun with that.

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Stefu said...

I'm impressed with the drum sounds on this.