Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jonathan Coulton: Nerd Musician Extraordinaire

El Stefu (Steven Smith) introduced this artist to me. Mr. Coulton's musical career is atypical in many ways. First, he began his career as a computer programmer (AKA "Code Monkey"). At some point soon after his wife gave birth to their first child, Mr. Coulton decided it was now or never for pursuing a career in music, so he quit his job and began devoting his time to songwriting and recording. He spent an entire year of his life putting out a new song each week in a project he aptly titled "Thing a Week." He gained some notoriety for a spectacular acoustic guitar cover of "Baby Got Back," and eventually he was recruited to write the end song for the video game Portal.

As I stated before, this man's music career has been anything but typical, and this is evidenced no more clearly than in the subject matter of his music; he writes quirky nerd folk rock. His songs' subject matter ranges from zombies, math equations, creepy horror dolls, sci fi prison colonies, and even a love song from a mad scientist/supervillain.

The song I most want to share with you is one of his least weird ones, though. It's simply a love song inspired (to my understanding) by Pluto (written after Pluto was stripped of its planetary status). I think this song is downright beautiful, and I find myself singing it more often than I can recall. Without further ado, enjoy Jonathan Coulton's "I'm Your Moon" from his live concert album CD/DVD set titled: Best. Concert. Ever. Enjoy.

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Stefu said...

Yay! This song is great, obviously, and I just love JoCo.