Wednesday, January 02, 2013

An Entire Year of Silence

I hereby dub 2012 "The Year of Johnblog Silence."

Until today, I had no clue that en entire year passed without a single post (although I do see around 10 drafts that I apparently began but never completed or posted). "What happened?" you ask? Last year was a massive year for my family in terms of growth. However, that growth only came through some serious struggle. The good news is that we survived and are closer now than ever before.

And for all of the struggles, we had some great successes last year. We celebrated our 5th anniversary, Lydia has grown by leaps and bounds and continually amazes us with her intelligence and sweet demeanor, and we were blessed with job opportunities and a community service scholarship and were able to keep our student loans to a minimum. In terms of personal, creative successes, I finished writing songs for the Wishing Well (the 1st of a 3-album sci-fi tale), I began writing songs for the 2nd album of that series, and I finished the first draft of my first novel (the novelization of that same sci-fi tale).

Last year we also joined the Dave Ramsey ranks, completing Financial Peace University and taking a big chunk out of our debt through re-focusing our priorities and some serious sacrifice. We paid off my car (not having a car payment is a wonderful feeling) and created a game plan to have all of Sierra's student loans paid off by the time I finish law school (which for me means taking the bar). So by August the only debt we should still have is our home mortgage and my student loans.

I read some great books, saw some great movies, and heard some great albums. I feel content with last year.

Now, looking forward, I have big expectations for 2013. Much of the groundwork laid in 2012 and over the past few years should come to fruition in 2013 and I am excited to see what the future holds.

Some of John's Most Anticipated Events for 2013:
- Graduate law school
- Pass the bar
- Begin working full time (clerking for a State District Court judge)
- Enable Sierra to quit her current job and be a stay-at-home mom
- Celebrate Lydia's 2nd birthday (which she tells us she is very excited about)
- Record an acoustic demo of Wishing Well (not until after the bar)
- Write another novel (I am putting my first novel on hold until I finish writing all of the albums)


heather said...

yay! Welcome back. I too did not do that great with blogging in
2012. But so cool that you will graduate and did I read correctly that you are working on music?! Um, I would love to hear it. You really are talented at that.
Yay Lydia will be 2! Happy for you guys!

Ryan said...

Not to pat my own horn or toot myself on the back or anything, but I'm really good at English and such, so I would love to help edit your drafts for your novel. Obviously, don't feel obligated to say yes, but I'm here if you want another set of eyes.

elopingcamel said...

Moogie, you did hear correctly that I am working on music. It is just a little here and a little there. Mainly just sognwriting at this point. The only recording I've done is simple acoustic samples of songs so that I can remember the ideas. I fully intend to record acoustic demos and get them posted online. My hope is to get an acoustic demo of that album online by the end of the year, but we'll have to see how I adjust to my job after law school ends.

Ryan, I would actually love to get some of your feedback on my novels. What I'd be most interested in from you is what they (in the biz) call being an "Alpha Reader." It is not focused on nitty gritty stuff like punctuation or spelling, but on big picture things like, "Is this plot confusing?" "Is this character believable or enjoyable?" "Does the magic system make sense?" Stuff like that. I'll keep you posted because I don't have anythign ready for you right now.

Alxe Lu said...


RicksterVC said...

As a New Year's Resolution for 2012, I vowed to post once a week on my blog. Now in 2013, I look back and see that I did manage to do that. I'd say of my published posts, about half I'm really happy with, but I needed to publish all of them to get to that. The year passes whether I blog or not, so I may as well blog. My hope is that I continue, my ratio of good posts will increase.

Good luck with your return to blogging and all of the many things you have going on.

Kamao Poot said...

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