Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Farewell My Transformer Friends. For Now...

My childhood is now complete, thus today I finally became a man.

I finished watching the Generation 1 Transformers cartoon series from the '80s. Four seasons of deliciously ridiculous cheesy one-liners and unnecessarily dramatic threats and promises made to no one as Optimus Prime drives off in pursuit of no one. Ninety-eight episodes of awesome robot battles and references to incredibly advanced technology like "payphones."

I seriously cannot recommend this show enough. I loved watching it again...for the first time.

Three things of interest to note from my experience:
1. I never saw an episode past season 2 when I was little. I had no clue that the show took such a dramatic turn in setting and tone after the movie (despite seeing the movie and loving it. I just thought the movie was telling a different story or something). The first two seasons were set on Earth in the '80s. The movie jumped forward about 20 years to that far distant date of 2005 and saw the deaths of many of the characters that we'd grown to love. Season 3 picked up right where the movie left off and most of Seasons 3 and 4 were set on Cybertron and random far-distant planets. We saw little action on Earth as a result. Even the music changed, incorporating much of the score from the movie into the show (unfortunately, at least as far as I noticed, none of Stan Bush's mind-blowingly awesome songs from the movie made it into any episodes).
2. The music really is part of what made that show so amazing to me. Anytime I hear those keyboards and random electronic noises my heart goes all aflutter.
3. There was indeed a fifth season of the old cartoon, but it was basically a condensed version of the movie and seasons 1-4 with an animatronic Optimus Prime and some random nasty-haired '80s kid as the hosts, telling stories and hanging out in awkward mountain settings. No new material was added and therefore I did not bother watching it.

It feels good to know that I have now watched every episode in order from start to finish. It also feels good because I have a long list of shows that I want to watch and anytime I finish one feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Next up: finish Smallville (I'll be picking up Season 9 from the library today and Season 10 is in my queue. I imagine it will arrive within the next two months).

In closing, here is the brilliant music video for what is possibly the most inspirational song ever written. It's from The Transformers: The Movie original soundtrack but is shown in all of its '80s television debut glory (and features the aforementioned animatronic Optimus Prime and nasty-haired kid from Season 5. Saints be praised).

Stan Bush's "The Touch"


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