Monday, November 21, 2011

Days 20 & 21

Whew. I finally finished the necessary back story of the two main characters. As mentioned before, most if it will not appear in the book in its current form. Instead, it will likely be revealed through flashbacks. I am glad I wrote it thought because I definitely understand better who the two main characters are and their history, which will help as I move toward building a believable romantic relationship between them.

I still need to do some world building. I really need to hammer out the technology, governments, cultures, and religions that exist. I'm excited to do that stuff, but I'm not too worried about doing it during NaNo. I'm actually quite content to not "finish" my novel by November. I am planning on writing the ending so that I know where I'm going and I can say that I wrote a novel, but once I reach the 50k mark for the month I'm not going to keep pushing the way I have been. Instead I'll do a rewrite of my short story, and then I'll go back to outlining and world-building the Wishing Well novel.

Fun times ahead ladies and gentlemen.

Days 20 & 21: 4,050
NaNo: 44,185
Total: 58,090

Side Short Story: 1,407

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