Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10

[Update: I'm halfway there! Hoooraaaaaay! I broke the 25k mark this morning and the month is only one-third done. At this pace I should be able to get 75k written in November. However, I am aware that toward the end of the month finals will be looming and the holiday will take much time away. So I'm going to be trying for around 60k methinks.]

I think that I am finally getting some structure to my story. Not in terms of the material that I write each day, because that is all focused on developing the characters at this point. At other times when I am not writing--like yesterday when I was court watching down at the Federal Courthouse--I am working on understanding what the three-act structure is in my story.

At this time the story is still designed to span three books. So I've been building three-act structures on both the grand and small scale. I still have plenty of work to do on getting all fo that fleshed out, but the nice thing is that I don't have to have it done asap. In fact it is likely to change as I continue writing and learning more about my characters.

I have also discovered that when I began writing, I completely skipped the first part of any three-part structure: the set up. I was so excited to write the meatier parts of the story that had been brewing in my head for so long that I didn't bother writing about the setting, describing it in any detail. Nor did I write about my characters, getting into their heads, putting them in situations to see how they fit together and thought as the story began. It is making so much mroe sense now why I was feeling lost in the writing process; I didn't know where my characters had been so it was hard to know how to get them to go where I wanted them to go.

As I've gone back to do the set up, I am learning so much about my characters that I had not known. I am especially learning a great deal about the main female character of the story--a character who I am now growing to love but who (very sadly) at first existed as nothing more than a one-dimensional facade of a character whose entire existence was to act as a love interest for my main male character. I quickly grew bored with her so I am sure my readers would have as well. Now however she is becoming more dynamic. She has a personality, she says interesting things and thinks interesting things, and best of all, she wants more for her existence than to just be a romantic prize for my main male character.

Man, I love writing.

Day 10: 2,371
NaNoWriMo: 25,234
Total: 39,139

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