Saturday, November 05, 2011

Day 4

I came, I wrote, I took the high ground: 2,448 words.

I am running into interesting "problems" now. I am now changing scenes midway through the scene. For example I began a scene and halfway through realized that the scene needed to come earlier in the story AND that I needed to include the antagonist in the scene (he hadn't been there up until now, only his lackey had). So the writing I did of that scene became very convoluted. Suddenly the antagonist is there, suddenly the dialogue reflects an earlier time period of the story.

None of this is terribly problematic, because after I finish the first draft, I will go back and rewrite the story as it should have been (which will likely show me new problems and I'll repeat these steps a few times before this story is ready to submit to anyone).

I can see why it is suggested to not worry about this stuff and to just keep going. There are a ton kinks that need to be fixed, but I have already encountered the scenario where I see a problem, I think of a solution and then, having wisely decided to not go back and fix it yet, I realize that the initial solution won't work because of a different problem and different solution that I later discover. So if I had gone back to fix something I would have been wasting my time.

The point is that I am not aware of all the problems yet and therefore I am not yet aware of what all the solutions should be. Instead of wasting time chasing potential ghosts, I should just get this thing all in front of me, where I can get a bigger perspective of what changes need to be made.

That is all. Happy hunting.

NaNoWriMo: 12,128
Total: 26,033

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