Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Day 2

Today is my long day so I wasn't able to write as much. However, I still passed my daily goal and am sitting pretty with 2,041 words for the day. Nice.

Today marked one of the first times that I really got lost in the story. By lost I don't mean that I was so enthralled that I forgot which existence was my reality and I started living my life as though it were the story... Oh no.

By lost I mean that I realized that the ending I thought was so clear is not so clear. The problem is that I haven't committed myself to certain elements of the setting and plot that may just be necessary to know how it ends. So I spent some time while I was driving trying to hammer out those details. In a strange twist of fate I am now returning to my original idea for the setting, which functions similarly but creates a VERY different world and ending for the story than the idea to which I had later changed it.

This does not mean that my story is completely changing gears midway through--my beginning and end were never all that clear to anyway--but it does mean that I'm feeling a little disoriented in the world. I had envisioned a world, setting, and time that no longer apply in the same way.

Instead of going back to fix anything though, I'm just going to plug away and write it in the new setting as I move forward, ignoring any inconsistency along the way.

Que divertido, no?


Ryan said...

I'm really good with grammar and spelling if you ever need a proof-reader.

Steve Finnell said...

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elopingcamel said...

Ryan, that is very kind of you. I may take you up on that (but less for the spelling and grammar because Sierra is my default grammar nazi, and more for the "I'd like your opinion as a reader of novels as to the level of my novels awesomeness or suckitude").