Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15

Today felt good. I was able to write a lot and get myself back on track toward writing this book. I'm still doing Act 1, background material for the story. I didn't realize how little I understood this world I'm creating until I had to start thinking through the steps that got the world to where it is (I'm writing a setting of Earth in the future after some pretty calamitous events). I'm sure much of what I'm currently writing will never see the light of day in this book or any other. It is still very helpful for me to write it out and think through it because I'm being forced to make decisions about how I want the world to feel and also to play out scenarios that help me understand where the world currently is at.

Part of what I am discovering is that I don't think this first draft will be finished in November. I was hoping that it would so I could move on to other projects and take a break from this one (which would mean coming back to do the revisions all the sooner). I'm ok with that thought though. I'm having fun in the journey so if I get to my destination a little later than I first planned, does it really matter? Right now I don't think so.

Day 15: 2,790
NaNoWriMo: 31,102
Total: 45,007

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