Monday, October 10, 2011

October Preparations

I set a goal for myself for the rest of the month of October to write at least 5,000 words per week to get myself warmed up for NaNoWriMo. I'm going to keep track of my progress on this one blog post instead of doing a new one after each week. So, if you care about following along, you'll have to come read the updates here.

The Stats
Total for October: 13,905
The first weekend
(this was before the setting of the goal): 3,293 words in two sessions (about 1 h 40 m total).
Week 1: 2,915 words in one session (somewhere around 2 h, although I was nodding off so I'm not sure).
Week 2: 4,013 words in three sessions. I don't remember how much time.
Week 3: 2,390 words in two session. I don't remember how much time.
Week 4: 1,294 words in maybe one session? No clue how much time.

Week 1: This week turned out to be very hectic and I did not plan well enough to reach my goal. I am sad about that, because it would have felt great to start off strongly and instead I started off stumbling out of the gate. If I remember correctly I only did one session, late Saturday night. I was very sleepy and finally made myself stop when I kept dozing off in the middle of my sentences. While some of the writing, especially towards the end when I was nodding off, is likely very poor, I felt quite pleased with much of it.
Week 2: I am loving writing. I am sad that I didn't reach my goal of 5,000 in the week, but I got pretty close and I think that I better understand now how I can prepare for my writing sessions. I need to do a little bit of outlining, but things are moving along swimmingly.
Week 3: I am very disappointed in how little I wrote this week. I let the business of life become an excuse and--much more damagingly--I succumbed to my normal distractions when I did have some free time. I also am recognizing how a good outline can help keep you moving forward when the story grows large and it is easier to get lost in it. I'm still enjoying this immensely and looking forward to November.
Week 4: I grossly misjudged how much time I'd be able to force myself to spend writing during Halloween weekend. I set a big goal of 5,000 not realizing that as soon as Thursday hit I was in Halloween mode and only wanted to play. That lasted until late Monday night. Anyway, it was a great practice experience for me to do these little previews.