Friday, September 23, 2011


On July 9, 2010 I started a blog post but this was as far as I got:

"Last night Sierra and I watched the movie "9." I had been excited to watch this movie ever since I saw the trailer in the theater and I gotta say, it did not disappoint."

Now it is September 23, 2011 and I am finally getting back to it. I totally blame this one on law school.

Anyway, this movie was incredible. How good was it, John? Easy. When I check a movie out from the library, I watch it once and then I return it. This film? I watched it twice before I took it back. I may be wrong but I think I even boldly accepted the late fee penalty for keeping it late just so that I could watch it one more time. I have only done that one other time (with Joss Whedon's "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," which is also excellent and I also highly recommend), so know that the film is of a special quality.

It is an animated film that stars Elijah Wood as the voice of the main character (whose name is "9"). I have no desire to ruin any of the plot so you won't get any here, but what I can say that it is visually stunning. This film is dark and eerie without being disturbing or overly scary (I'm terrible at this game but maybe children under the age of 8 shouldn't see it?) and it plays with colors and lighting so well. The story is a clever, the dialogue is well written, and the characters are very well drawn out. Please don't watch it thinking you are getting into a Pixar-style film, because it is actually a very mature animated movie. I'm sure I would have loved it as a kid, but children are not the target audience of this film.

I share this with you because (a) this is my blog and that is what I do, and (b) I don't feel that this movie got enough attention and it deserves more attention. So, what should you do? Step 1: get on your Netflix account and stream it or rent it, or go to your local Blockbuster (there's gotta be somebody who is still using that place, right?) or library and check it out. Step 2: watch it. Step 3: repeat step 2. Step 4: high-five John 9 times the next time you see him (I will totally understand what is going on and I will wink at you repeatedly).

Here is the trailer in case you want a little more to whet your appetite (you may have to watch another trailer before it... I did).

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