Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 35: Stefu Financial Advice

I don't plug other people's blogs on here too much (more like I don't think I ever have before). I guess I figure you all already know each other and read each other's blogs. In case this is not so, let me tell you about Stefu Investing. My good friend (whose name I will not write in its entirety just in case he would not want me to) runs it and he gives financial advice on how to save money and plan for the future. He does this while making it fun to read, which is an art in and of itself, because for some people talking about financial matters is like getting your teeth pulled.

Check it out (and thanks Stefu for all the timely, tantalizingly tasty tips). In honor of your financial goodliness, I wrote a poem for you.

Sir Stefu, If It Please You

Sir Stefu, if it please you,
continue to lob your soft bloggy blobs
of wisdom at my brain.

I want to purchase many things:
rings for my Wifey and comforts for my lifey
and maybe someday go to Spain.

But first I'll have to learn to save,
for good times and those rainy days
or be caught in a world of pain.

So let me give my hearty thanks,
singing your praises indeed, post haste
Thank you Magic Money Man, Sir Stefu The Sane.

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