Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Improv Everywhere

Man. I absolutely love these guys for doing this. The moment where the two little kids are shown made me so happy to think about the magic those two must have been feeling, seeing Darth Vader and Princess Leia in real life. They may be old enough to understand that it is not real, but the thought made me happy nonetheless.

If you have not already experienced the joy of Improv Everywhere, go spend an hour or two on their website. It is wonderful.

Here they re-enact the opening scene from Star Wars: A New Hope.

In this one they re-enact the library scene from Ghostbusters.


Felicia said...

Thanks, John. That totally made my day.

Stefu said...

Loved it! I've seen the Ghostbusters one before, but I must say that the Star Wars on the subway is even better!

Sammy said...

Papa John! I love the small blog stalking world! How are you doing? Long time no talk - facebook friend me or something so we can chat!

Anonymous said...

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