Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, it's over.

I am satisfied with this ending. I liked it a lot. If I refrain from shouting out my undying love for the ending it is simply because some of my main questions still were never answered (I'll get to those questions in a minute). I am ok with that fact, though. As Matt pointed out to me (although perhaps not in the same exact words), this was a supernatural, sci-fi, what-the-crap-just-happened? kind of show, but it was always the characters that drove it. It was a character show spiced with intriguing elements. To have the series finale focus in on what mattered most--the characters--is a great way to end things. I applaud Abrams, Lindeloff, and Cuse for putting together the most amazing show I've ever witnessed. It has been a delight. I applaud the writers who kept it interesting and flowing and didn't temper my enjoyment of the show with lame dialogue. To the actors (with the exception of Anna Lucia--oh how I cannot stand Michelle Rodriguez): well played. Special shout out to Locke, Richard Alpert, and Ben: you three had some of the most electrifying performances I have ever seen on TV.

Now, to my short list of gripes (SPOILER ALERT!!!!). I feel slightly cheated not knowing the following things. To be fair they are HUGE things that would have possibly required another two season to fully explain. Then again, maybe just another hour would have done it... who knows? They are:

1. WHAT IS THE FREAKING ISLAND? We just spent 6 years there, talking about it as though it had a mind or at least will of its own. It was "the island" that was bringing people to itself and I don't feel any closure as to how this can be. I don't need a scientific answer--I am fine with the supernatural--but I would like to know more of the mythology behind this islandic entity.

2. What is the light? It is the source of the island's power and the heart of the island--fine. What IS that power? How does it stop The Man in Black from leaving? They have rules, but Ben tells Hurley that he doesn't have to run things the way that Jacob did. So the rules seem to be made by the one protecting the island, but how is that Protector able to enforce them?

3. Where does Jacob's (then Jack's, then Hurley's) power come from? The island? Where does THAT come from? The show ends with the ever-so-easy "all religions work just fine" state of purgatory--fine--so does that signify a God's involvement in this islandic program?

To close, I love Lost. I will miss you.

Also, I made up the word "islandic." Feel free to use it. I give it to the world.

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Ken Cory said...

JOhno, here, in no particular order, are the answers to your 3 questions:
1. Let it go.
2. Let it go.
3. Let it go.

Someday you'll understand . . .