Friday, February 26, 2010

Games With Covers

Alrighty, friends of the desert. I had an idea for a fun new game called: Guess Which Band Wrote the Original Version of This Cover Song. I will try to make them a little bit obscure so it is not so easy for all you music buffs (i.e. generally they will not be things like 311's cover of "Love Song"). Occasionally--if it is a cover that is so awesome that it just deserves some attention--we may get one that for some will seem easy. Ready for the rules?

1. Use your memory and knowledge of music here people: NO WIKIPEDIA. No searching for lyrics on Google. No cheating via internet search of any kind. Either you know it or you don't. It's the honor system; put that in your pipe and smoke it.
2. You can ask real people. This means you could use the internet (like Google Chatting with your cousin Marcos Enseñanza de la Pubertad) or you could ask a real life human being either in person or over the phone (like a co-worker or someone you need to distract with a difficult trivia question while you pickpocket their wallet). We will call these Life-Linears (I don't want to get sued for using other game shows' lingo). If you used a Life-Linear, give the person credit for their knowledge.
3. The first person to comment the correct answer wins. Again, if you used a Life-Linear, give the person credit in the comment (unless that person is running from the law or otherwise inclined not to have their name published on the interwebs).

What do you win? I don't know. Maybe at a future point when I have sponsors there will be a real prize. For now, it will likely be limited to spending quality time with me and my wife. We could sit down and share some PEZ together (my treat, I've got a lot of PEZ), or maybe we could fingerpaint pictures for each other to hang on our respective walls. Maybe you just want to watch Sierra and me do our Yoga X workout on a Thursday night (always guaranteed to be a doosy--i.e. not for the faint of heart). Each winner will certainly be allowed some say as to how they celebrate their win. Think of it as a collaborative prize. Yeah...that makes it sound less lame.

Sound good? Excellent. Let us begin.
Today's cover artist is Kings of Convenience with the song "Manhattan Skyline" and it ought to be pretty difficult for most of you (I thought we'd kick this thing off strong-like).


Ryan said...

Simon & Garfunkel

Ken Lyman said...

What is the punishment if I get it wrong?

Ryan said...

A-ha! What do I win?