Friday, January 08, 2010

Papa's Poem Corner Episode 34: Wisdom From The Jaw Of Matthew

At work today, my uncle (and boss) was gifted a rather large tube of elk meat. A massive sausage if you will. I am a tremendous fan of all things meat, so naturally I began salivating and dropping hints that the sausage, myself, and my uncle would all be best served by the meat falling into my hands. Thanks to the kindness of my uncle, fall that meat did, right into the aforementioned "my hands."

I then had the fun adventure of wandering around the office with a large tube of meat. As I shared this tale with Matthew, he pointed out that my actions were probably more than just a little intimidating for many of my coworkers. Yet, that was probably good, because then they must have known who was in charge. Said he, "Speak softly and carry a large piece of meat."

Words to live by.

And now the poem:


Meat is good in nugget or tube.
Meat is good as traveling food.
Meat can be used as a weapon, if needs be.
Meat can be a best friend to me
if I dress it up and paint on a face
then carry it around my workplace.
I can show everyone
the nice work that I've done
but they gonna get popped in the mouth if they try to get they grubby hands all up on my meat. That was a gift. That was a GIFT.

That is all. Merry 2010.


Sierra said...

Beautiful :) I noticed that on the foot of our made bed (thank you!) was strategically placed your smoke stack (beef and cheese tube). You really do love meat tubes :)

elopingcamel said...

Meat meat meat.

becca said...

I love that the only two posters for this posting are the two of you guys... married and living together but finding joy in sharing cute comments with one another on the blog! I sure do love the two of you guys! And for my last comment/question: how did you like the elk meat? I have a hard time with gamey meat and had to suffer through some gifted moose meat at one period when we moved out here to New England! :)