Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Music For Ya'lls

I want to spread the word about and love for this band/artist named Taughtme. It is actually just the one guy (Blake Henderson) who sings, writes, records, produces, etc.

I first stumbled upon him, listening to the old Provo Podcast. He was sold out of his album at the time, but I downloaded the 4 songs he had up on HisSpace (remember MySpace? Ha). Well, today I found that he is still going strong and actually has 3 albums available (which I will be purchasing as soon as the "John's Music Fund" budget gets replenished). Anyway, please take the time to enjoy this video that has three of his songs from the new album Lady and a brief interview afterward. Also of note, the girl playing with him (they dated in the past and for all I know are still currently dating) is Aubrey Trinnaman, who took Sierra's and my bridals & groomals photos. These two are going to have some amazingly talented/artistic kids if they end up making marriage sauce.

Here again is the link for the video. It is from Chasing The Moon (a podcast). Keep listening even if you think the first song is stranger than your tastes would normally enjoy.


Stefu said...

I love the Taughme tunes! You've taught me well, Papa John!

Anonymous said...

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