Friday, January 08, 2010

LOTR Day 2009!

Or is it 2010? I don't know whether to count it as a Holiday thing therefore it belongs to the previous year or if it is a New Year's thing. Hmm... this begs some thought.

Anyway, tonight we begin the Fifth Annual Lord of the Rings Day and I am so terribly excited. What is that you ask? I shall tell you. A few years ago we (I don't remember exactly whose idea it was originally and I hardly even remember who all was there to be honest) decided to watch all three Extended Versions (capitalized on purpose cause they deserve it) of LOTR in wide screen in one day. Thus, Lord of the Rings Day. It was a raging success. We started really early, watched Fellowship, took a two-hour break to eat and restroomate, watched Two Towers, took another two-hour break, and then watched Return of the King. We ended pretty late at night (read: early in the morning) and I loved it.

This tradition has continued, being held at the following locales: Matthew Hanks' parents' house, Gemini's crib, Matt and Jen Hanks' first apartment, and Steven and Jenna Smith's first apartment/condo. Last year was the smallest turn out by far, because a lot of people were out of town and timing was difficult. We also discovered that we are getting older and it is harder to sit there for an entire day and not get anything done. So, this year we have broken LOTR Day up into a two-day festival. We begin tonight with Fellowship and will continue tomorrow with Two Towers and Return of the King.

If you are interested in participating, it will be held at my parents' house this year. Call me or comment or whatever and I will give you more details.

To celebrate, here is Bret McKenzie (of Figwit fame) and Jemaine Clement performing "Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring" live. I had not seen this before. It has some fun additions.


Matt & Jen Hanks said...

WAHOO!!!!!!!!! The day is finally here!! We are seriously so excited!! I have been looking forward to this blessed evening for weeks!! That video is great and I love your sausage poem. You sure do have a way with words...

heather said...

You guys are so funny. Sadly, can not make it. Don't even know if the invitation was for me, but I'll pretend it was. Kids just get in the way... jk
Serioulsy though, Flight of the Conchords are great. The first time I saw some of their songs I thought of you guys. Same skills.