Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some Pictures Of Us

I never post any pictures of us on this thing. That is mostly because I blog while I am bored at work and I don't have our pictures loaded up there. Well, tonight is your lucky night, America and some parts of Australia. Tonight I remembered to get on here and load some. So, without any further ado...
Taste this Cory action!

1. The picture on the left is of our two-year anniversary. Sierra is totally kissing me.
2. The middle picture is from our Anniversary Trip back East. This is at the memorial in Salem, MA, for my boy Giles Corey (just a little ancestor of mine, no biggie. Actually, this picture might be the one of his wife Martha. It is too stinking small for me to see for sure, but I got a pic next to them both cause I don't discriminate).
3. The picture on the right shows us working it on Times Square, which we were told is some sort of important gathering place in some small village just outside of Newark, New Jersey. I don't know. Everything over there just feels like a suburb of Newark to me.

These two last little nuggets are from the Santa Run last Christmas. Sierra ran it and I learned that even with a beard my lovely wife is still freaking hot. Look at all them Santas.


elopingcamel said...

The following has been confirmed:

1. It is indeed Martha's marker and not that of Giles. I descend from them both, so there's no need for disappointment from anyone. Plus, Martha was killed just as deadly as Giles was.

2. The pictures loaded differently than they looked before I posted. So, substitute "top" for "left" and "bottom" for "right." Yeah, that's the ticket.

heather said...

Lucky night indeed! I almost forgot what you guys look like.

Wow, all those santas are getting me all confused. I've never seen so many in my life. Sierra makes a cute Santa.

Oh and in my google reader the pictures were posted just like you described. No subsitution required. It wasn't until I came to your blog to leave a comment that they changed.

Alex Dye said...

Aw, I miss the Cory's! Let's hang out while I'm town. BOTH of you. But one of you more than the other. You know which one.

Think about it.

Okay, not really.

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