Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sierra With The Assist

Last night we went and played soccer again for the first time in quite a little while. It was nice to run around again.

Anyway, I just wanted to use this public, heavily-trafficked blogsite to give my lady some props for her wonderful assist last night. She normally plays defense (instead of "normally" read "always") and in a rare occurrence, she made a run forward along the side of the field. She sent off a beautiful pass to another girl whose name is Gabby (I think) and Gabby calmly put that little mother away (instead of "mother" read "soccer ball"). Needless to say that Sierra was ecstatic and I was proud of my baby.

Good job, honey.


Stefu said...

You can "normally" count on Sierra to be the "mother" of the motherfield.

Ryan said...

Sierra is like the John Stockton of soccer!

Sierra said...

Yea! Thanks, Johngos! I remember yelling, "I got an assist!" That felt nice :)