Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Harry Potter And The Muggle Struggle Part Seven: Uncle Ben's Uncly Wisdom

It is arguable that the most moral lesson taught in the series is one that we already mentioned: choice vs. ability. This lesson is illustrated time and time again in the stories. As mentioned before, Harry has tremendous power and ability, and thus he is given a great responsibility. Harry must learn to control himself if he wants to become a great wizard that helps mankind. His emotions, passions, desires, and actions often go against what is considered good. Self-discipline becomes a necessity for Harry. The effects of a lack of self-control are shown throughout the story also, and help teach children the danger of recklessness. Harry learns to contemplate issues, ponder information, trust others' wisdom, and make informed decisions that will lead to the greater good. Harry has already witnessed his own ability to think under pressure and come out on top, but now he has to learn to do it when others' lives are at stake. He can't just rely on his own abilities anymore. He must make moral choices that will affect him and those he loves.

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